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Home Improvement projects typically come with some headaches. For Mike; the handyman at West Essex Golf Club, it was perhaps a job too far.

Mike’s old shed still has its original roof from when it was built in the mid-1980s. It’s finally getting replaced – after years of leaks Dendale Construction have come to Mike’s rescue.

The large shed, known affectionately by the members of West Essex Golf Club as the Tardis, is one story and approximately 800 square feet. Large holes have recently appeared in the rear of the shed and whilst Mike has always wanted his very own shed air-conditioning, the holes were a step too far.

Mike said that it would be a shame to not see the stars through the roof of his beloved shed, it was certainly a pleasure to see Vinny, Dendale’s Project Manager, replacing the old felt with modern, state of the art, ‘less scenic’ covers.

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